Saturday, January 3, 2009

When it Rains it Pours!!

Well, the rains finally came and this is what they did to most of our rivers. Hopefully it will keep coming and flush most, or if we are lucky, all of the wood downstream and leave us with the runs that we have come to know and love back in their nice clean state!

With all the rivers high we decided to check out Butte Creek. The run ended up having a lot of new wood, but only required two portages. And, only one of the bigger drops (pictured above) was unrunnable.

The grande finale was untouched by wood and we had a blast floating off this one!

Kate on the right, Christie on the left (Photos by Rachel Crowder)

Creekin' Season has begun in the Northwest! Get out there, have fun, and be safe! Happy New Year!

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