Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Wind River Boater X

September 13, 2008

The Wind River Boatercross over Shipherds Falls was full of great lines and great carnage on Sunday. Thanks to Luke Spencer for putting on yet another awesome event! Also, thanks to Brandon Bloomquist for taking video and Chad Cole for taking photos.

Men's Results:
1. Todd Anderson
2. Rob Bart
3. Dave Hoffman

Women's Results
1. Christie Glissmeyer
2. Lindsay Gay
3. Kourtni Wimer

Shipherds Falls

2008 Canyon Creek Race

April 12, 2008

The new and improved 2008 Canyon Creek Race in SW Washington was a huge success this year. The length of the race was doubled to include Thrasher and Boulder Garden. It was held April 12, about a month earlier than usual, to take advantage of higher flows. Tons of boaters, rafters and river boarders came out from all over to participate and enjoy the 75 degree bluebird day. Thanks so much to Luke Spencer for organizing such a fun and rowdy event!


Men's K-1 Expert
1. Geoff Calhoun 5:9.99
2. Tao Berman 5:13.80
3. Todd Anderson 5:13.99

Women's K-1 Expert
1. Christie Glissmeyer 5:53.91
2. Monica Gokey 6:48.22

Men's K-1 Advanced
1. Brian Little 5:40.84
2. Joe Stumpfel 5:46.95
3. Laurence Rosen 5:47.12

Women's K-1 Advanced
1. Rachel Crowder 7:21.91
2. Roberta Grant 7:47.29
3. Lisa Jeidy 8:51.00