Monday, October 11, 2010


Each year to get everyone in the spirit of fall and creaking season, Paul Gamache puts together CaliBurnFest and outdid himself once again this last weekend.
Justin Patt working on taking the lead

To start off the event, there was a big air surf competition at Camel Rock. We stopped by early and caught some waves, but left before the competition in search of some better surfing. Moving on to Mad River Beach proved to be a good idea as the waves were slow, smooth and friendly.
Ryan Scott preparing for some tough work

Luke Spencer catching a ride

Nick Jacob enjoying the friendly waves

Saturday was the downriver race on the Burnt Ranch Gorge section of the Trinity. There was a lot of smiling and giggling to be had while hitting fun boofs and weaving through boulders with 50 friends. There was even some entertainment with interesting lines at Number 2 and Number 3.
Corey Ryan airing out the entrance of Number 3

Kate going for the boof
Photo: Cheyenne Rogers

Luke Spencer lining up for the bottom of Number 3

Cheyenne all smiles at the bottom of Number 3

Taking first in the men's long boat was Dan Benton and Justin Patt in short boat. Miss Kim Russell who was hanging tough in the front of the pack came in first in short boat , and Christie Glissmeyer in long boat.
Kim Russell charging out front
Christie looking good through Number 3

The race, of course, was followed up with a great party and raffle. Thanks Paul for organizing such a fun event!!

We decided to go for something different on Sunday before heading home and cruised over to check out the Pit River (which is scheduled to release all of October but isn't). This was an adventure in itself, getting lost, hassled by a land owner, having to be-bop our way down some very manky boulder gardens (that look like they would be great with some flow) and find our way through mazes of shrubbery. Toward the end of the run, however, there was a little excitement with a marginal waterfall.

Scotty Baker smoothing things out with the neighbors

Nick Jacob probing the falls

Thanks California for another fun weekend!! See y'all next year!