Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 NW Creeking Competition

April 11, 2009
The Adventures of Kate & Christie

Despite a giant logjam that obstructed Canyon Creek this winter, the Northwest Creeking Competition raged on at the East Fork of the Lewis River, WA on Easter weekend. The race started off with a bang at Sunset Falls and the sprint continued for about 10 minutes through "Screaming Left" and "Dragon's Back" to just below John's Swimming Hole.

Kate, stomping Sunset Falls

Christie G. flying the Green Boat

Rafts, inflatable kayaks, topo duos, long boats and short boats were launching the drop all day long so there was never a dull moment for the spectators who gathered at Sunset Falls State Park.

Kate & Christie rocking the K2 class

Going deep, yeeeeeee!

Paul Gamache & Scott Waidelich charging the gnar

Rafting carnage!


Men's K1
1. Tao Berman, 9:33
2. Todd Anderson, 9:41
3. Darren Albright, 9:53

Women's K1
1. Christie Glissmeyer, 10:36
1. Kim Russell, 10:36
3. Heather Herbeck, 11:10

Junior's K1
1. Todd Wells, 10:15
2. Brendan Wells, 10:20
3. Devin Morton, 10:21

1. Tao Berman, 8:58
2. Darren Albright, 9:16
3. Todd Anderson, 9:17

1. Tim & Daniel, 11:58
2. Sledge & Whitelightning, 12:80
3. Darren & Kevin, 12:17

Tao Berman, Men's K1 Shortboat and Longboat Champion

Christie, 1st Place tie for Women's K1

Kim Russel, 1st Place tie for Women's K1

After the fun events of the day, Mike, Brenda and Steve Olsen had us all over to their house for an incredible barbeque, party and camping extravaganza. Thanks so much to the Olsens for showing us all such a great time!

Uh oh . . . bootie beers!

Thanks to Luke Spencer again for all of your hard work.
You are THE MAN!
Also, thanks to Molly Elliot, Brett Smith and Dave Hoffman for the photos.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Upper Wind River Race

The Upper Wind River race is a 3 mile mass start race that includes a good chunk of flat water sprinting.  With a pretty large showing of kayakers and rafters and a good medium flow, we ended up with a great day on the water!
Christie G. pulling away from the pack!

Kate rounding the corner at Ram's Horn

2009 Race Results:

Kayak-Long Boat
1.  Joe Stumpfel  21:24

Kayak-Short Boat Men's
1.  Greg Mallory  23:40
2.  Dave Hoffman  24:22
3.  Laurence Rosen  24:24

Kayak-Short Boat Women's
1.  Christie Glissmeyer  24:26
2.  Kate Wagner  25:14