Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Whole New World...A Few Hours from Home

Feeling a serious itch to start the multi-day season, and a decent weather forecast, we decided to head to the John Day River.  I had never done this river and really had no idea what to expect.  We gathered a small, solid crew and were off to Clarno, Oregon to begin our 70 mile float.
Clarno Bridge Put In
After driving only a couple of hours to the put in, I was shocked that I had never done this trip as it is so close.  It was sunny and hot when we put on and around 4,000 cfs, making it easy to make miles and cruise through the rangeland, which most of the beginning of the run consists of.  

Loved the Old Ranches!
Nick Showing us the Line at Clarno Rapid
The Captain Adding some Style
The Girls!
Day two brought us a beautiful canyon and crazy winds! Making miles was a little more difficult, but the level helped us out.
Into the Canyon
Enjoying the Camp Fire
Day three was lovely and sunny.  The Big Horn Sheep were out and about and could be spotted high on the canyon walls.  We also stopped for lunch at Hoot Owl Rock for a nice little hike.  The night was cold and clear with amazing stars!

Big Horn Sheep Sighting!
Hoot Owl Rock
Group Shot at the top of Hoot Owl Rock
Happy Dog, Wildflowers, Sunny Camp
Day four, our take out day, was chilly with some sprinkles toward the end.  Pleasantly surprised by the weather and blown away by the scenery, I found myself disappointed that I had not been here in the ten years I have boating.  This run will definitely make my short list for a logistically easy yet awesome getaway.  
A Whole New World!