Monday, December 8, 2008

The Peak UK Himalayan Whitewater Challenge

November 28-30, 2008

Monica Gokey and I

The 7th annual Peak UK Himalayan Challenge was a weekend of kayaking and rafting events on the Trisuli River in Nepal.

I was excited to see that this year there was a first ever Nepalese Women's Rafting Team and K1 Division! Thanks so much to Inka Trollsas and all the women who helped with the Nepali Girls Project for helping to make this happen. There was a great turnout this year. About 70 men and 30 women competitors turned up for the event.

The festival was very well organized. Food, transportation and camping were provided for all competitors. There was also a DJ every evening for an entertaining nightlife. Thanks so much to all of the organizers and volunteers for their hard work. Everything went smoothly and all the events were really fun and challenging.

Campsite on the Trisuli River

Day 1 there was a slalom course set up through a rapid at Fishling. It required a few hard ferries and hole surfing to complete the course so it was extremely difficult to make all the gates.

Day 2 there was a freestyle competition at a wave-hole at Fishling.

Day 3 there was a 10 km mass start downriver race which ended at Fishling.

Men's 10 km Downriver Race

Me doing some creekboat freestyling

The catch was that competitors were required to use the same kayak for all three events so there were a lot of creekboats used in the freestyle comp and playboats used for the races. This rule definitely kept things interesting throughout the weekend. Points were awarded for standings in each event to determine the overall winners.

Susmita Sunwar - Nepali Women's 1st Place

Sita Thapa - Nepali Women's 3rd Place


Nepali Women's Division:
1. Susmita Sunwar
2. Anu Shrestha
3. Sita Thapa

Nepali Men's Divison:
1. Shanta Gurung
2. Madan Gurung
3. Pramod Gurung

Nepali Junior's Division:
1. Krishna Sunwar
2. Sailendra Regmi
3. Jeeven Gurung

International Women's Division:
1. Christie Glissmeyer, USA
2. Sophie Hoskins, New Zealand

3. Lilli Winter, Switzerland

International Men's Divison:
1. Ron Fischer, Switzerland
Tim Copplestone, UK
3. Jakub Nemac, Czech Republic

Ron Fischer, Tim Copplestone, Josh Neilson


K said...

Man, Christie, look at you gallivanting all over the world. (Gallivanting with purpose!) What a dream! Your pictures from Nepal are gorgeous. I've got a cousin who lives in Kathmandu, what a different world over there.
So good to find you again. I had no idea you were so expert at kayaking. Where have I been? Will we be seeing you in the Olympics? :-) You're awesome.

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