Monday, January 19, 2009

Lower Pacuare (and a little run in with the policia)

After a great day on the Upper Pacuare, Jim and I decided it was necessary for his girlfriend Brianna to see the river. We cruised over to Costa Rica Adventures and set up a rafting trip for the next day. The Lower Pacuare is easier than the Upper, but just as beautiful!

Chillin´on the Lower Pacuare

With warm, clean water, the jungle surrounding you, and waterfalls cascading in around every corner how could you go wrong?
Jim below one of the many fun rapids.
The run is mostly class 3 with a couple of bigger drops mixed in so it´s a great run for anyone!

I love this place!!

So after loading up the raft and all the kayaks, we had a few beers at the take out and headed back into Turrialba. However, we were stopped on the way by the traffic police (for what we are not entirely sure...possibly too many boats?) With some confusion about papers and such (not to mention some upset for taking their photos) they decided to take our license plates. what? Luckily our guides and driver were fantastic and soon had us on our way! Fun stuff in Costa Rica!

Hang tight for the rescue mission on the Sarapiqui....

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