Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Week with the Most Amazing Kayakers in the World

Being from Hood River, we are lucky enough to kayak with some of the most talented folks around pretty regularly. This particular week, however, we got to boat with the most amazing kayakers in the world. They aren't the most amazing because they are running huge drops or throwing big tricks however. They are amazing because they are brave, persistent, and inspirational....oh, and they have all battled or are battling cancer.

Gearing up for the Klickitat!

The three of us all got to share at least part of the week with this great group of folks, taking photos, safety boating, and helping with instruction as volunteers for the Washington First Descents camp.

Getting used to Class III in a raft

First Descents is such a fantastic program, offering a week of kayaking and fun activities to young adults recovering from cancer. If you are unfamiliar with First Descents, please check them out! There are many ways to be involved!

Practicing new skills

It's difficult to explain what it is like to be a part of a camp, the connections that are made, and the family that is formed. Experiencing it is really the only way to know and it was a privilege to be able to.

Group Hug!!

The courage, perseverance, and determination of these folks is hard to compete with. Thanks First Descents for letting us be a part of your awesomeness!! We heart you!!

Already looking forward to next year!! Pixel, Beanie, and Tush
aka: Kate, Christie, and Melissa :)