Friday, January 30, 2009

Rio Naranjo - Chorro Section

After doing some more research in the guide book, Chasing Jaguars, we decided that we wanted to check out the Rio Naranjo. The Labyrinth Section looked really fun so we decided to cruise over to Quepos and see for ourselves. We went to H2O Adventures in an attempt to get beta on the run and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of help we got. Andres not only explained to us that the section we were looking for was known locally as the Chorro, but also called up a friend to join us.

After meeting a 16 year old kid on the corner to show us the way, we randomly showed up at our new friend Dan's house. He agreed to join the two random strangers, grabbed some gear, and hopped in the car.

A short drive and even shorter hike later, we arrived at the put-in. The water was beautiful and I was immediately stoked for the run.
Gearing up at the put-in (photo:Jim Busse)
The fun starts right away with some great boulder garden boogie rapids. Everything was boat scoutable and super fun!

Dan making his way down one of the many boulder gardens. (photo: Jim Busse)

The one rapid the book made sound really sketchy, the Douche, was actually the best one on the run! It started with a splashy hole and pinched down to have a pretty tight exit between huge boulders. Fun stuff!
Entering the Douche (photo: Jim Busse)

The run was super quick, perfect for laps. Unfortunately we had to keep on movin'.

Jim in the mellow paddle out.

Thanks to Andres and Dan for all the help!

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