Sunday, August 25, 2013

A True Wonder

Inspired by Christie and Drew's trip a few years ago, I have been crossing my fingers for a permit for the Enchantments.  I was lucky enough to get a cancellation permit this year for the Colchuck Zone. Thrilled, Nick and I dusted off our packs and headed to Leavenworth.

The hike to Colchuck Lake was a nice cruise with some beautiful scenery.
Bright and Early at the Trailhead
Crossing Mountaineer Creek
Awesome Trail!
Little Colchuck Lake
After setting up camp and checking out Aasgard Pass, we decided to enjoy the lake for the day and set out early for a long day hike into the Core Enchantment Zone the next morning.

Enjoying Colchuck Lake
Home Sweet Home
Aasgard Pass was brutal, climbing roughly 2,000 feet in just under a mile.  Stepping into the Enchanted Lakes Basin made it all worth it though.  It was so expansive and beautiful that the photos will by no means do it justice.
Colchuck Lake was Quiet with our Early Start
We Made It!!
Check out how little Colchuck Lake is!
Isolation Lake
Enchantment Lakes Basin

Crystal Lake
Inspiration and Perfection Lakes
Perfection Lake Going into Sprite Lake
Sprite Lake
Taking a Break at Lake Viviane
Back at camp at Colchuck Lake we were visited by some goats, got to see some beautiful sunsets, and were even lucky enough to get a full moon!

The Beginning of a Beautiful Sunset
Sunset on Little Colchuck Lake

This trip was one of the greatest four day trips I could imagine! It's hard to believe it is all only a couple of hours away.