Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pura Vida!!

Well, despite a big earthquake the day before my arrival, I made it to Costa Rica and am loving every minute of it! First stop: Upper Pacuare!! I think I am in love!!

Our day started out driving around on crazy dirt roads overlooking beautiful green valleys for about three hours looking for any sign of boaters.
We finally saw a van with some boats on top and flagged them down. After figuring out some logistics (like letting a 16 year old girl without a license drive our rental car on a bumpy road, because there are no cops there, for our shuttle) we teamed up and started down the river. First thing to note: I got to do something that is not possible in the northwest...I FINALLY got to wear my pinstriped shorty!! (yay NRS!)

The run started out with a nice warm up, then headed into the first gorge. The entrance rapid was great so I knew I was in for some fun! The first rapid we scouted was called Sangre Hidraulico ¨Blood Hole¨. It was so fun that you couldn´t help but hoot and holler when you came through. I didn´t get many photos on this run because it was pretty busy, but here are some shots of Jim Busse in the entrance and coming through the bottom hole.

The next rapid was changed in the last big flood (as we were told by Diego, a local that was showing us the way) and was pretty manky so we shouldered our boats. There were a few more fun boulder gardens and a great ledge drop before exiting the gorge. We then had about twenty minutes of mellow water before entering the next gorge. It started with some tight slots and pushy water, but was like riding a roller coaster through a maze. This gorge was shorter than the first, but equally as fun.

Celebratory beers near the take out!

Next up: Lower Pacuare and a run in with the policia

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