Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slides, Snails, and Simultaneous Beatdowns (California Roadtrip Part 3)

Dry Meadow Creek

Trevor Sheehan, Kate Wagner, Corey Tucker, Christie Glissmeyer, Justin Patt

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

A trip to Kernville wouldn't be complete without a hike into Dry Meadow Creek. Waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed, we headed to the park to watch a little slalom racing and pick up Trevor for our Dry Meadow adventure.
Our official California Tour Guide, Justin Patt, preparing for the hike

After a quick hike over the ridge we reached yet another amusement park of waterfalls. What a cool place! Nothing like standing at the edge of the world!
Corey admiring the scenery
Trevor showing us the way

The afternoon was filled with smiles and giggles as good lines were had by all and we were kissed by the California sunshine.
Relaxing at the take out

We were a bit sad to leave Kernville, but it was time to get back in the truck and move on to Three Rivers.

by Kate and Christie

Friday, April 23, 2010

Slides, Snails, and Simultaneous Beatdowns (California Roadtrip Part 2)

Brush Creek
Anxious to get out of Snail Land, we were back on the road early. After a few wrong turns and some challenges getting back on the highway, we rolled into Kernville around 5:00 and headed straight to Brush Creek for a quick lap. Our run down this amusement park of slides and falls left us feeling refreshed and excited to meet up with friends, so we headed to the Kern River Brewing Company.
One thing led to another and before we knew it we were singing "Like a Virgin" at the bar down the street.
Brush Creek Race
Despite late nights and way too much bad singing, everyone showed up fired up for the race the next morning. There was a lot of excitement on the course, starting with the Downriver Race and finishing with the Giant Slalom.
Jason Hale taking first place
2. Eric Giddens
3. Drew Duval
Amanda Marusich finishing first for the ladies
2. Christie Glissmeyer
3. Liz Brackbill
9 year old Sage Donnely killing it
Ian Buckley adding some style to the Giant Slalom
Serge getting a helping hand from Jason Hale in the Giant Slalom
For full results of the races check out

Slides, Snails, and Simultaneous Beatdowns (California Roadtrip Part 1)

To celebrate the completion of our first Femme45 segment (which can be seen in LVM #33) we decided a road trip was in order. We had been planning on going to Vancouver Island, but when the weather didn't cooperate we made the call to rally down to the Kern River Festival to soak up a little sun.

To no surprise, our adventure started off with a bang. We made it to around Orland Thursday night, finding an RV park to crash around 1am. Since it was late and dark, we threw our pads and bags on the ground and passed out. A short while later Christie was up and moving around...she had been woken up by a snail in her hand, several inches from her mouth. She quickly chucked it across the yard and settled back in. About an hour later, I woke to Christie kneeling in her sleeping bag, staring at me. Thinking she may have lost her mind, I asked her what was up. She replied with, "Snails! They're everywhere! Hundreds of them!" She then pointed out the snail making it's way across my pillow to my head and exclaimed that she had woken to one on her forehead, rolled over and crunched several more, and discovered all our stuff was covered with snails and slime! I would pay some serious money to be a witness to the scene that followed, with the two of us squealing and jumping around trying to shake the snails off ourselves and our stuff.
Attack of the killer snails!

After finally relocating to the back of the truck and settling back in, Christie had the unfortunate experience of finding that the snails had actually taken over the inside of her sleeping bag as well!
Christie's little surprise
Ahhhh, let the adventures begin!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Northwest Creeking Competition 2010

The sunshine, healthy flows, and excitement in the air can only mean one thing....race season is officially here! The Northwest Creeking Competition was once again a huge success with around 75 racers in 8 different races!
Let's get ready to rally!!

The event started off with the Men's K-1 Pro and Expert classes, followed by the Women's K-1 Pro class, K-1 Fun, IK, K-1 Long, and R-2. All classes had some stout competition and even a little carnage!
Men's K-1 Pro
1. Tao Berman
2. Darren Albright
3. Ross Henry

K-1 Men's Expert
1. Drew Eastman
2. Nick Hinds
3. Dan Rubado

K-1 Women's Pro
1. Kim Russel
2. Christie Glissmeyer
3. Kate Wagner

A little excitement in the gorge!
Christie with a good start in the Long Boat Race!
K-1 Long Boat
1. Tao Berman
2. Darren Albright
3. JP
Kate rounding the corner at Screaming Left

To finish off the races for the day and to provide a little more carnage, a mass start race was added to the event this year. Spectators were entertained as multiple boats flew over Sunset Falls simultaneously, some with some questionable lines. The race turned out to be a great addition, with participants and onlookers alike having a blast.
Kayak Mass Start

To finish off a great day of paddling and hanging out in the sun, Next Adventure once again treated everyone to a BBQ. After the raffle, it was time for our big Femme45 debut by hosting the LVM #33 premiere.
Enjoying LVM #33

For complete results, check out

Special thanks to Luke Spencer, who always does a wonderful job organizing this event, Next Adventure for being so supportive, and all the other sponsors who made this event happen! We heart you! Thanks to Allen Satcher and Melissa DeCarlo for photos. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sol Boating

Laura Sol is a badass paddler from Portland who also plays roller derby for the Heartless Heathers. Femme 45 went to cheer her on at last month's bout and it was an absolute blast watching 'Sol Train' rough up some girls of the High Rollers. I definitely would not want to go up against her in boater cross!

Here's a little teaser from Femme 45's winter segment, available on LVM #33