Saturday, January 24, 2009

El Rio Sucio "The Dirty River"

So after our adventure on the Sarapiqui, we were invited to check out the Rio Sucio the following day with Sarapiqui Outdoor Center to look for an alternate take out. Of course we said yes! We arrived at the put in to find the STRANGEST color river I have ever seen!! It looked like cream soda! I'm not too sure about this water.....

We were kept busy on the run, which is fun continuous class 3, but I never really did get over the color! Which by the way is caused by sulfer and other minerals in the water due to lava deposits upstream. When it came time to start looking for take outs, we just stopped every few minutes and one of the guys in raft would hop up and run up the bank, returning about ten minutes later to report. Finally, we were waved over to an open pasture where our shuttle had pulled up. The interesting part was that it was full of cows!!
The cows checking us out....

They were initially curious but keeping their distance, but eventually followed us at a trot off the property. I was a little worried that I was actually gonna have to "Cowgirl Up!"

Stay Tuned: Huckfest at Poza Azul is up next!

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