Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beating the Low Water Blues

Every year around this time the same problem arises....low water.  This leaves us with a couple of options,  stick to the stand-by runs and try our best to find every line we can, take a bit of a drive to catch the Ohanapecosh and Cispus Rivers, or hit up the good ol' Washington summertime classic - the Lower Wind.
Jessica Farrell getting started on the Lower Wind
Rachel Crowder in High Bridge Rapid
Kate at Beyond Limits
Brian Zabel making it a little more exciting
The beauty of the Lower Wind is that it is close and short so can be done before or after work.  It also offers a great mixture of boulder gardens, ledges, and waterfalls.  It is a perfect low stress training ground for the fall rainy season.
Joe Stumpfel finishing up The Flume
Checking out the first falls at Shipherds
Joe styling the first falls
Jessica on the second falls at Shipherds
Joe finishing up the third falls
If none of these options are doing it for you, perhaps you should spice things up by attempting a new craft...which is exactly what we did.  We declared last Saturday "Canoe Appreciation Day" and took 4 tandem canoes to the Klickitat River.  Of the eight of us, three were experienced canoeists.
Mike and Stephanie Glass getting the feel of it
Photo Credit:  Tom Slye
Nick and I loving every minute
Photo Credit:  Tom Slye
Rachel Crowder and Joe Stumpfel looking like pros
Photo Credit:  Tom Slye
Brian Zabel and Shalynn Lathrop cruising into Ishy Pishy
Photo Credit:  Tom Slye
Photo Credit:  Tom Slye
 By the end of the day our faces and stomachs hurt from all the smiles and giggles.  The day was deemed a success as we were all reminded that we can always learn more from and about the river.