Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poza Azul Huckfest!

To wrap up our time in La Virgen we decided to hit up the classic Poza Azul waterfall. There is actually an entire run to do, but with limited time we decided to stick to the hike and huck. We were joined by locals Braulio and Gabriel for the adventure, which started with a very muddy 15 minute hike. Trudging through the mud.... First look....who's going first?
Gabriel giving it a go...My turn!!

When we all had our fill we moved on, which included paddling out on the now destroyed Lower Sarapiqui.

Following the earthquake, which was the biggest quake in Costa Rica in 15 years, there is nothing but shallow, muddy, debris filled water in this section.

It was like paddling in pudding!
And this was the end result! Ahhhhhh! Now that is the definition of a dirtbag kayaker!

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