Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rain Rain Come and Play! PLEASE!!

It is slim pickin's here in the Northwest with a lot of overcast skies but no precipitation. So to get some scenery a little different than the White Salmon, we got up early and headed several hours north to the Ohanepecosh. Nothing like hitting up a low water Northwest classic!

Kate on one of the many fun drops Photo: Rick Cooley

The Ohanepecosh is a great mix of boulder gardens and clean ledges with a waterfall thrown in toward the end of the run. Unfortunately the high water events in 2006 added some nasty log jams to the upper section and your best bet at this time is to put in at the secret campground a little further downstream.

Rick Cooley on the falls toward the end of the run (low water makes the left side a little harder to get)

Overall the Ohanepecosh is a sweet run with breathtaking scenery and the best part is the shuttle is easy to run or bike so you can take one car! Christie comes home tomorrow from Nepal, I'm hoping she snags some rain somewhere along the way and brings it with her!

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Wet Willie said...

Yes, the rain is being wished for! Hang in there!