Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Quick Turn of Seasons

With a few days of rain under our belt, and a desire for an adventure outside of the gorge, we decided to head south. The classic Oregon run, Opal Creek, seemed like the perfect option as it was starting to get cold and the road would soon be snowed in.
Taking in the Scenery
Photo: Adam Mills Elliott

It was chilly at the put in with a dusting of snow on the ground for our short hike in. In no time we reached the beautiful, clear water. The rapids on this run are really fun, but the draw to it for many comes from the amazing scenery.
Getting Started
Photo: Adam Mills Elliott
Soaking It All In Below Big Fluffy
Photo: Adam Mills Elliott

Shortly after we put on it began snowing...and didn't let up until we took off. By the time we ran shuttle the road had a couple inches of snow on it. It had changed from Fall to Winter while we on the water and it left us feeling fortunate that we may have caught one of the last Opal runs of the season.
Our Snowy Finish
Photo: Adam Mills Elliott

Let's get out our creeking booties, Winter is here!!


testmonkey said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Andria B. Davis said...

Awesome! That was one of the most amazing river gorges I have ever been in--super stoked y'all got it before the snow settles in! Peace and love.