Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Racing the Upper Wind River

March 20-21
The 3rd Annual Upper Wind River Festival near Carson, WA, was a big hit again this year. Two days of mass start head to head racing provided a ton of fun and entertainment for both competitors and spectators. The Oregon Rafting Team organizes this event every year to kick off the Western Whitewater Championship racing series for kayakers, rafters and catarafters.

Excitement is high at the registration booth

Oregon's new
Women of Whitewater Rafting Team

Gearing up for a practice run

Short Boat Race

Longboat Race

R2 Race

The Finish Line


1. Drew Eastman
2. Ryan Young

Drew Eastman

Shortboat Men:
1. Trevor Sheehan
2. Lance Reif
3. Laurence Rosen

Trevor Sheehan

Women's K1:
1. Kim Russell
2. Christie Glissmeyer
3. Roberta Grant

Kim Russell and Christie Glissmeyer

1. ORT Red - Tim Brink & Bryan Carrington
2. Dan McCain & Jacob Cruiser
3. ORT Grey
Tim Brink & Bryan Carrington

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