Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wind River Clean up

A group of paddlers and cat boaters got together this Saturday for a little spring cleaning on the Wind River in Washington. The Wind is a stunning watershed but the put-in and takeout were getting pretty trashed and there was tangled fishing line all along the run. It felt good to get rid of all the clutter for the spring kayaking season to begin.

The Cataraft Crew

Lori Duffens getting rid of a pile of shotgun shells

Drew Eastman, Todd Collins, Nick Jacob and Liz Arnold

Inspecting the takeout

Let's hope the put-in stays this clean!

Enjoying the scenery

John Meier hauling an old tire out of the Wind R.

A great excuse for a paddle

Enjoying some apres-boating snacks at a very clean takeout :)

Thanks to Drew Eastman for organizing the cleanup
and grilling hotdogs for all the hungry volunteers!

Also, big thanks to everyone who came out to help and to the

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