Monday, July 16, 2012

Middle Fork of the Salmon - Round 2

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, or the River of No Return, is a 100 mile stretch of beauty in the Frank Church Wilderness.  It is the second largest protected wilderness in the contiguous US.
Middle Fork Salmon River, ID
After a wild, high water trip in 2010, I was determined to make it back this year.  I was bummed when I found out that I didn't win a permit in the lottery, but that was quickly remedied when I got an invite from Carrie Horner (BAMF extraordinaire) for the exact date that I had applied for!! As an added bonus, the fancy new cataraft I had ordered from my friends at NRS arrived less than a week before launch and I knew this would be a great opportunity to learn from one of the best...Carrie herself!
Madness at Boundary Creek
Madonna's First Rapid, Velvet Falls!
Learning From the Best - Carrie "BAMF" Horner
Ready To Fly Solo

I was giddy with excitement as we packed and loaded, with sunshine, perfect flows, and an awesome crew were in the forecast.
Our Awesome Crew

Everything turned out as planned this time, with six wonderful days of whitewater, hotsprings, fishing, wildlife, pictographs, and unbelievable scenery.  
Pistol Creek Rapid
Sunflower Hot Springs
Nick, Master Fisherman!
Big Horns!! 
Pretty View :)
Our Trip Sponsor....Amnesia Brewing! Yummy!

 I loved every second of this trip...what an amazing river!!  I'm already planning my return....

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