Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out Living It!

It's June in Oregon again, which means several things....cold weather, lack of sunshine, and FIRST DESCENTS CAMPS!! Kate is transformed into Pixel and every night ends with sore stomach muscles from all the giggling.
2% giving it 100%
Curl Girl
This year I again volunteered as the Camp Photographer.  The Camp was an FD1 camp, which means it was the campers' first experience with First Descents.  This can be translated to an introduction to silly nicknames, whitewater kayaking, and overcoming fears.  It is a week full of both teaching and learning, positive energy, bravery, growth, and inspiration.
Band Camp
We spent a week on the Klickitat River (with some rafting on the White Salmon River) learning lessons from the river and from each other.  I'm always amazed with how much I walk away from camp with.

Thanks First Descents and all the staff and campers that made my week awesome!!

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