Friday, April 23, 2010

Slides, Snails, and Simultaneous Beatdowns (California Roadtrip Part 2)

Brush Creek
Anxious to get out of Snail Land, we were back on the road early. After a few wrong turns and some challenges getting back on the highway, we rolled into Kernville around 5:00 and headed straight to Brush Creek for a quick lap. Our run down this amusement park of slides and falls left us feeling refreshed and excited to meet up with friends, so we headed to the Kern River Brewing Company.
One thing led to another and before we knew it we were singing "Like a Virgin" at the bar down the street.
Brush Creek Race
Despite late nights and way too much bad singing, everyone showed up fired up for the race the next morning. There was a lot of excitement on the course, starting with the Downriver Race and finishing with the Giant Slalom.
Jason Hale taking first place
2. Eric Giddens
3. Drew Duval
Amanda Marusich finishing first for the ladies
2. Christie Glissmeyer
3. Liz Brackbill
9 year old Sage Donnely killing it
Ian Buckley adding some style to the Giant Slalom
Serge getting a helping hand from Jason Hale in the Giant Slalom
For full results of the races check out

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