Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Descents

I was lucky enough to spend the last couple of days on the water with First Descents. They are here in the Columbia River Gorge for a week long camp of kayaking and kiteboarding. In 5 years of kayak instruction I have never taught such a determined, patient and dedicated group of people. This is a group of campers who are definitely not afraid to take on a challenge.
Saturday we went to the Klickitat River where we introduced the students to the basics of whitewater kayaking. By Sunday they were all fired up and ready to run some rapids on the Lower White Salmon. We spent the afternoon swimming and surfing at cave wave where one of the girls was able to master her combat roll.
What impressed me the most is the super high energy and positive attitude of this group. Everyone had big smiles all weekend long. What a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Thanks so much for having me along and keep on charging!

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