Monday, May 18, 2009

Nordheimer Race 2009 (weekend in Cali)

With the Next Adventure sprinter van back in action, we were set for a fun weekend in Cali! Seven of us piled in and made the trek down south, getting to the Salmon River just in time for a quick practice run Friday night. (Thanks to Noah's rafting for letting us crash!)

The theme of the event was "Pornstars vs Monsters" which made for some interesting costumes!
Justin Patt's pantless pornstar costume and Paul Gamache as PO Monster
                      Christie as Medusa vs Kate as Bridezilla

The race was great, with Christie Glissmeyer (aka Medusa) taking first for the ladies and Ty Overeem taking first in short boat.  Way to represent Hood River!!
                                  Mass start at 1:23

                   Shon Bollock and Luke Spencer in Freight Train

After the race the crew headed to the South Fork of the Salmon for a little more action.
          Kate on one of the ledges up top (photo:luke spencer)

This run was super fun with lots of great, clean rapids and an exciting gorge.
         Christie somewhere in the gorge (photo:luke spencer)

             Tony in another fun rapid (photo:luke spencer)

With only a couple of scouts, we made it down pretty quickly and headed back to camp for the party! Despite an injury and difficult weather, Paul Gamache did a fantastic job organizing the event and party and good times were not hard to find!

The next morning we packed up camp and headed to Clear Creek.  With a little bit more water than we expected, it was an exciting day for all!

               Excitement on Clear Creek (photo:luke spencer)

After a long day we were stoked to find out we had a place to crash in Ashland. (thanks Travis, Dan, and Frank!) 

The next morning we decided to hit up the South Fork of the Umpqua on the way home.  Luke had heard there were a couple of fun drops so we cruised over to check them out.  First up was a pretty cool slide with a fun boof on the right side.  We didn't have a ton of water so the boof line was the way to go.
                Luke and Tony going for the double boof

Next was another slide, this one ending in a hole. Fortunately it only offered up one rodeo ride. :) 

                 Luke heading into the hole

Last but definitely not least was a fun little falls that we all ran laps on.  
                         Tony on the last falls

There isn't a whole lot between the drops, but it is a beautiful run worth checking out if you are in the area.  It also serves as a great place to clean up a bit! Now that's a Dr. Bronners commercial if I've ever seen one!
Thanks everyone for a great weekend!!

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