Monday, November 3, 2008

the Nepali Girls Project

The Nepali Girls Project is a program started by Inka Trollsas to prepare Nepalese women for jobs as raft guides and safety kayakers. For more info on this project check out:

Monica Gokey and I joined up with the group in Kathmandu to teach the girls how to swim and paddle. Thanks to everyone who donated gear and thanks so much to Carve Designs for sending swimwear for all the girls!

Monica teaching Swimming 101

The girls learned how to swim first. Then we got them in kayaks and showed them wet exits and basic paddle strokes. Next we'll get them rolling so we can teach them how not to swim:)


john said...

Nice Work Christie G! Sounds like a great program. Keep it up.

Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

Hi Christie and Kate,when women hate other women is when they know nothing.Viva liberation of women worldwide,the source of life.Thanks Tom Hardy Australia