Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Roof is on Fire!

I didn't think a thing of it when I followed a fire truck home from the Gorge Games on Saturday until I turned onto my street and saw three more trucks surrounding my house and saw smoke billowing out of the roof! I jumped out of my truck in shock and ran into the front yard just in time to see a see a fireman on the roof climbing into my bedroom window with a fire hose. I couldn't believe my eyes and I started to prepare myself to say goodbye to everything I own.

I watched as they disconnected the powerlines from the house. Then they took chain saws to the back wall, ripped off the exterior and pulled out all the smoldering insulation. The flames were all out except in my closet and the attic. I was prepared for the worst. It didn't look good from the backyard where some bushes had caught fire and sent flames shooting up the back of the house.

my room:(

A couple hours later the firemen were done and I was able to go inside and assess the damage. To my surprise all my stuff was in great shape. The firemen had busted through my window and moved all my clothes, computer and furniture away from the wall and covered it with tarps before the fire hit the second floor. Except for the strong chemical smoke odor, everything is fine!

the kitchen:(

The fire crew was so quick and efficient and I am amazed at how thorough they were. They still have not been able to determine the cause of the fire but I am so impressed they were able to save the house. I am definitely going to look into getting some renters insurance! Know anyone who needs a roommate in Hood River?


N Loungin: Resistance Training & Wellness said...

wow what a story. great input.

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Kevin Kidney said...

Amazing story, and I'm so glad you survived to tell the tale. I hope you posted this entry on your rescued computer! Best of luck to you!